John2290 said:
aikohualda said:
What is wrong with a gay character? I mean it is a fucking video game... you won't become gay playing it... like you won't get abs by playing nathan drake


VGPolyglot said:

Because apparently having a gay character is SJW territory, so the solution to that is by not having gay characters... Yeah, the logic astounds me too.

Hardly any person in this thread said there was anything wrong with being gay. The general consensus is its wrong to stick in a gay character for the sake of it. People need to stop pushing these agendas because after gay people have found acceptance a small minority of LGBT are ruining all that work for their own attention seeking needs and turning parts of society back against gay people. 

As I said before of they want to do it its up to them, id still play it but if they do it at social gunpoint with no regard to artistic vision it not only will hurt the game but also makes people ever more bitter towards LGBT activists. At least 50 million people will play GTA6 if not more, having their favourite franchise ruined by diversity quotas helps no one in any way at all.

i did not ask if there is anything wrong with being gay... i am asking what is wrong having a gay character in a video game? the general consensus that assume that gay character is just gay for the sake of it and pushing the agenda of blah blah blah... did they read the script yet of gta 6 to assume it is the case? was there any much cases to begin with?