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shikamaru317 said:
spemanig said:
I HATE when people say this.

The models are NOT washed out - the old sprites were just WAY over saturated.

The new color pallet is made to better match the official artwork.

I don't know about the official artwork, but they certainly don't match the anime artwork.


After 5 generations of games and many seasons of anime with the more vibrant colors, you don't just go and change the in-game character models to better match official artwork that is over a decade old. They waited far too late to do it, people had already got used to the darker colors so it was a jarring change for many. 

Reminds of a situation that I noticed in the gen 4 anime.

Pikachu generally looked much more washed out and pale than he used to in it, and then they fixed the colours in the gen 5 anime and so on:

Diamond and Pearl Series:

Black and White Series:


Last edited by Green098 - on 20 May 2018