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Microsoft could really use a great E3 this year to keep Xbox sales from dropping.

Sony... yeah they're fine. The only thing I can see go wrong with them is lose a bit of reputation, because if they feel like they don't have to try as hard then they're at risk at "losing E3" in the eyes of the fans.

Nintendo I think with their current situation has biggest chance of doing well at E3. I mean look at how titles they have announced but not shown gameplay, a set release date or even a final logo/name; Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Super Smash Brother. Add more unannounced stuff on top of that you've got one of the best Nintendo E3 showings. Nintendo are also the most unpredictable when it come to E3, so who knows what surprises they have in store. They always have  at least one big draw dropping moment. They only area I think they need to focus this E3 would be with some third party titles.

Last edited by Green098 - on 20 May 2018