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Bandorr said:

Sony is just crazy dominating right now, and has spiderman coming.
Nintendo has a long list of IPs any of which can dominate a year. Don't need E3 to spread that message.

Microsoft has had two games come out this year, both sitting under 70. I don't expect Crackdown 3 to do much better, and it feels like Fortnite is stealing all of PUBGs thunder.

So they need E3 to show they can still compete. And now with more third party, and timed exlusives.

Yeah, they kinda bet on the wrong horse, didn't they? XD

To be fair, I doubt this will disuade them from eventually buying the franchise. Too much money, and if Minecraft is something to go by, they can push it to extreme limits and gain a fortune on mechandising.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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