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jardesonbarbosa said:
While other series like Zelda and God of War are evolving and changing gaming, Pokémon keeps doing the same shit literally every year and getting free passes. Now it's even worse, they went back to 1998 because what's better than nostalgia pandering? It's a shame because they have a franchise that has a huge potential to innovate and do something different, but the developers are really incompetent. I feel bad because I was hyped for a console Pokémon game, but this is high level BS. Combining that with that leaked screenshot, it's lazy, it's gross.

It doesn't mean that they won't do that. Pokemon is a yearly (with the rare two year gap here and there) franchise, always has been, always will be. What's wrong with having remakes, spinoffs, sequels and expansions while we wait for each new big generation title. I'd rather have a remake in 2018, and gen 8 in 2019/20 than only the later.

Pokemon is not a big AAA 100+ million dollar budget game with 5+ years of development on a spec platform anyway. Plus who's to say there won't be innovation or doing something different in this anyway...