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Chazore said:
Mr Puggsly said:

You must be confused.

Rage is one of the best optimized games on 7th gen at 60 fps and the PC version runs well on modest PCs.

Anywho, Rage was a good shooter but the pacing kinda sucked due to RPG elements. Kinda like Wolfenstein 2, scenes outside of actual missions often felt like a slog.

Not really. It ran like garbage on my last build, and it's not exactly friendly with my current one. It also didn't help that at the time, id was really into the whole megtatexturing tech at the time (they still are) and as a result, each time I looked around, I would see textures popping in and out, some even meshing poorly around some areas, like the ground area when you first drive into the small village with Goodman.

I also remember suffering dips during my 360 playthrough, as well as long load times.

Dunno on PC but on 360 it's an almost locked 60fps, with Digital Foundry finding only a "handful" of dropped frames across all their tests.

For all my gripes with the game, framerate is the one thing it got undeniably right.

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