What are the sexiest moments in mainstream gaming? By mainstream gaming I mean events that happened in game or during cutscenes of commercially released and marketed games on console/ PC. Mods, porn parodies, hentai games, fan art and creations, and dating sims don't count.

The absolute sexiest moment is obvious:

But what are other possible runner ups?

The GOW games all had steamy sex minigames. From memory I think GOW III and Ghost of Sparta had the best ones.

GTA San Andreas had Hot Coffee. Originally Rockstar claimed it was a mod but the data was on the disc so they lied.

Who could forget the first time Samus took her clothes off (spoilers)

Who could forget the first time Mario took his clothes off?

WWE Smackdown used to have Bra and Panties matches

What else? Remember to keep it Safe For Work!


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