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TheMisterManGuy said:
contestgamer said:

Yeah but it will take longer. If theyre working 10 hours instead of 16 we're talking an over 50% delay. Instead of 3 years we get 5 years. That's wrong. They should work the maximum hours they can endure, and we will get more games in a timely fashion.

So? I'd rather a developer take their time to make the game a polished experience than rush out a buggy, glitch-y mess. Plus, not every game needs to be AAA caliber. Letting developers experiment with smaller scale projects is what gives us unique stuff like Brain Age to fill in the gaps. 

Brain age... I'm sorry but someone else can make brain age, I'd rather get the next Zelda a year early. They're not in the same universe and I know which most would prefer. Brain age is a waste of Nintendos talent. Their talent demands AAA perfection. Indies can deliver the low budget casual stuff. Again MM wasnt buggy and Nintendo gave the devs 1 year to make it. In fact they put them under such pressure with 16-20 hour work days that many of the developers developed depression and health complications which made its way in to the game in the form of tonality, characters, dialogue. etc. It tried and tested and works.