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TheMisterManGuy said:

contestgamer said: 

It worked in the past. Even Nintendo worked their employees to the brink in the 90s and had phenomenal results. Game releases were constant and high quality. You just need to push them to the max and if they cant handle it they can leave or you fire them. "Respectable hours" isnt respectable, you need to work them the max you possibly can and you will get shorter release schedules and still HQ content like in the 90s

What are you even basing Nintendo having miserable working conditions off of anyway. I mean, Nintendo's always demanded a lot of hard-work and professionalism from their staff, sure, but they were never Konami levels of asshole dictatorship. Making AAA games all day every day is unrealistic as AAA games take a lot more money and time to make these days. You need to give teams a level of flexibly in this regard. Let them experiment with smaller, lighter weight projects, in between the wait, and let the developers take their time with making these games polished, rather than trying to rush out a BotW sized game every year. 

They had pretty brutal working conditions in the 80s and 90s. A number of suicides/health collapses, etc. It wasnt specific to Nintendo though (Sega was really brutal too). But it gets results. The developers dont need flexibility, what they need is a good kick in the ass and if they dont perform they're fired. Pretty good incentive in a culture where being fired is a source of great shame.  



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