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TheMisterManGuy said:
Johnw1104 said:
Man we as a community can really be condescending and elitist lol

This is fine so long as they don't abandon "core gamers" or w/e. The Wii essentially did that from the start, and the Switch seems to clearly be a product of that learned lesson. With the games they've announced and continued 3rd party ports to the system, there's not much to be worried about yet.

No it didn't. The whole "abandonment" issue is largely a myth. Sure, Nintendo's methods were misguided at times, but they still made their core games, more core games than the "Blue Ocean" type software. 

Obviously they provided great 1st party hardware. The problem was that, from the start, the control scheme and weak hardware meant that they'd never receive current gen 3rd party games that weren't significantly hurt in the porting, often having to be built from the ground up but generally being garbage in comparison.

I could live with the Switch being my only console. There were few (if any) "core gamer" types that could be happy with just the Wii.