HyrulianScrolls said:
curl-6 said:

I have to confess, I am very worried about this one.

I want to get hyped, but I can't help feeling like they're going to ruin it somehow, either by having making Samus an insecure over-talkative wuss with daddy issues like in Other M, or going with a cheap and tacky art style.

I just find it so hard to see Nintendo giving this game the treatment it deserves when they haven't done so with a comparable game since, well, since Prime 3 in 2007. Does modern Nintendo even have it in them to make a great Metroid game without undermining it somehow? I want to believe, but I'm not confident.

I fail to see how making a great Metroid game would be so much harder for them than what they just did with BotW. 

Will they give Metroid the same kind of investment they gave Zelda though? Plus recent entries like Other M and Federation Force suggest they don't even know what made Metroid a great series anymore.

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