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Usually the PC version for several reasons:

- best combination of performance & graphics
- g-sync/freesync for even smoother performance (Xbox is getting there)
- free choice how the performance is used best (resolution, effects, fps)
- 3D option for many games and VR option for some games
- free choice of controller
- best price in most cases
- great mod support in some games
- fastest loading times
- effects you don't like (f.e. film grain, motion blur, chromatic aberration) can be disabled


- games without a PC version... obviously
- multiplatform games with a very bad PC port (very rare cases)
- some timed exclusives where I can't wait for the PC version (often in 6th and 7th gen, almost never these days)
- games I want to play on the go (on Switch, Vita or iPad)
- other version has a feature I really want (f.e. AIM controller support in Doom VFR)
- games that I get dirt cheap (f.e. PS+, GwG, flash sale) for another system and that version is "good enough"

Last edited by Conina - on 05 May 2018