I think Miyamoto once said that Nintendo isn't doing what Fans want them to, because the people most of the time just want more of the same. Instead of doing that, Nintendo is trying to innovate and give people things they would have never even thought about. I find that to be quite a good approach, I really enjoy the things Nintendo is pushing out. Things like the recently released Labo are just things I would have never thought about myself. And I enjoy fresh ideas very much. That's why I don't even demand anything from Nintendo. I already know that they will deliver something good anyway.

But don't get me wrong, I also enjoy my classic gaming stuff and I love Sony for listening to the fans more often than not. So to answer the question from the OP: Definitely Sony. But what I'm trying to say is that I also love Nintendo for not listening to their fans most of the time. It's what makes them different from the competition. And that's ultimately the reason why I'm buying Nintendo consoles. If you know what I mean. =P

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