a bigger thing you could listen to for Nintendo than the analogue nub on the 3ds would be the fact that the switch is region free.... also that day 1 their eshop now has 100% of releases available, many up there weeks beforehead for download and pre loading to your system for launch night.

Nintendo being so far behind what Microsoft had on offer with their online services was really something I'm delighted they got sorted out.

Achievements and Trophies would be cool... they're in some games like Smash and such with the wall of achievements in those games, but a system wide achievements system would show their really listening.

as for who listens/ed the best? Would have to say it's Sony, the PS3/4 are basically games machines through and through, with the ps4 it was designed as a cheap gaming machine (as in... it is cheap and offers gaming) but they made sure that pretty much every dollar spent on the machine was for gaming features, no gimmicks, just games and a controller.

As for the OP's list of "what fans want" really don't think there is a lot of fans torn up that the console can't play 4k UHD disks, I mean really how many of those are available now? in my area they're pretty much just in one store and a selection of them so limited you could count on one hand. And sure... you can go online and buy them, but if you have the internet you also probably have the ability to get Netflix with UHD 4k shows on there to cheer you up that the ps4 doesn't play those disks.

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