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haxxiy said:
StarDoor said:

So are you making a timid prediction to try and balance out all of the bold predictions that VGChartz gets?

Nintendo projects 37.79M units will be shipped by March 31st, 2019, and it just needs 32.93M to outsell N64. Also, to beat GameCube's 21.74M by September 30th, 2018, Switch only needs to ship 1.98M per quarter, when it did 2.92M in both of the previous two non-holiday quarters.

It's going to be down Year-on-Year on a few weeks or a couple of months, isn't, though? As far as I remember, that is the case at least for Japan.

You may argue that are games to launch and the holiday season could be bigger for the Switch, but that still remains a more distant prospect, yet to be proven, and being down YoY is closer to reality right now.

No... not even close.  


According to VGChartz:

For Calendar Year;

Switch 2017 sales as of April 22nd: 2,815,356

Switch 2018 sales as of April 21st: 3,595,915

For Fiscal Year;

Switch Fiscal Year 2016 sales as of week 52 (April 1st 2016-March 31st 2017): 2,329,838

Switch Fiscal Year 2017 sales as of week 3 (April 1st 2017-April 22nd 2017): 485,791

Switch Fiscal Year 2018 sales as of week 3 (April 1st 2018-April 21st 2018): 585,309


No matter what way you put it Nintendo Switch sales are clearly up Year over Year worldwide.

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