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It's a balance of price to performance. Which is normally always favors the PC. My PS4 Pro doesn't do much in comparison to my PC. The textures are lower, the framerate is lower, and there are more loading times, and a fee to play online, with PS+.

There's also the issue of aiming with sticks, no absolutely no multiplat shooters on PS4. I need my mouse for that. I found it surprising how easily it was, for me to play overwatch on PS4, just to see for myself how much worse it could be, and I was getting lots and lots of kills, and won every game I played. Which was mostly FFA Deathmatch. Coming out of a respawn, and not seeing any of the other players was something I'd never experienced before though.

Then, there are some games, where I just don't care, I will buy them as many times as I like. Such as puyo puyo tetris. I bought it a few years ago, on PS4 and vita, thinking it would never get a western release. Then again, recently on Switch, and PC.

My consoles are mostly for exclusives, though if I can get a game for 5 bucks, like mirror's edge catalyst on PS4, I may do that too, since it's not something that should be passed up, even if I do own it on PC.

Some games, regardless of how much better they are on PC, like Tekken 7, have bigger communities on PS4, so I'll buy the game twice... However, I'm not paying PS+ when I know I'm only going to use it 2, or 3 weeks out of the year, so I don't play it on PS4 anymore.