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zorg1000 said:
AlfredoTurkey said:

I feel like I have had this discussion one hundred times over the last decade. Seriously, it's deja vu over and over again. The difference between NES-Gamecube was that their gimmicks were in the background. They didn't try to stick them into the forefront. Labo has been pushed and pimped out over the internet and in the Switch "news" section nonstop. Seriously. That's all Nintendo has been fucking talking about. 

Between the two of us, only one (me) has been there since the start. You weren't even in kindergarten when the N64 launched. That is not an insult, after all, we can't help when we were born but it does (and should) make you pause for a second to think about things from a different perspective. I was in third grade when I got my NES, which was... I think 1988. I saw all of this from the beginning and I can tell you that the Nintendo of that era was different... vastly so. 

I think the Switch is as close to that spirit as we've gotten since the Wii came along and made our grandparents waggle around the living room like fucking idiots. It has the capability and the marketing to pull it off. But if Nintendo keeps up this Labo type stuff, that will all be for naught. The reason the Switch is selling so well is because of CORE games like BOTW. It's not because of cardboard and casuals. 

NES came bundled with the Zapper and R.O.B., how can you say with a straight face that their novelty/gimmicks were in the background?

It came out when video games were pretty much banned by retailers in the US though. They had no choice but to mask the system as a toy. When that was over ROB got dropped quicker than a 2 dollar whore.