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Conina said:
Mandalore76 said:

I'm at work, so I can't check my Wii U to personally verify.  I was going by what I was seeing others reporting online.

It was gone yesterday, it has since been put back up this morning. I've already informed RMC. It's back up on the US eShop as well. Maybe they made a mistake or maybe they figured the bad publicity wasn't worth it ahead of the Switch version's release.


But that source lives in Europe and doesn't have access to the US region in the Wii U eShop:

So how can he verify that the digital purchase returned? He can only check the browser based eShop for the US region... and there is still no purchase button for the Wii U version. 


Neither the Op nor thread title reference this as pertaining to the the NA WiiU eShop only.  At the very least, that detail should be amended since European WiiU owners have screenshots of the download purchase button still being available.