TalonMan said:
Green098 said:

Kinda sorta... for right now at least.

I'll give it one more shot to revive this thread over tomorrow and Friday. (if I can't do it by then it'll not be anytime soon, I don't have the time to spread it across weeks because I have exams I'm studying for and use up enough of my free time reading through the forums on this site).

I do wish the tables were a little easier to format on the forum, mainly for the colour coding. Colours won't appear if I just copy and paste it from excel, so you have to change every colour individually and it's a very tiresome process. 

When I started this thread I had way too much time on my hands than I do now, that's one  of the biggest obstacles. As well as lacking so much of the motivation to do it.

Well, technically this thread only needs one more update, right? I mean, this was just supposed to be a "first year" comparison of the Switch to the other consoles - and all numbers for the year are now in! 

Pretty please, with sugar on top???? Can you do one more update - I would love to see the final results!!!! :)


Bofferbrauer2 said:


Please green, just ine little update


You're in luck because I have made the decision to update this thread from yesterday's bump  and do most of that today. I was going to put Year 2 in a different new thread that links back to Year 1 or do you think having everything in one thread would be better?