This is more for those who have played Perfect Dark and especially on the N64. Clearly PD64 was a masterpiece and arguably one of the games of the generation. It sits on a 97 meta and basically continued the FPS train for consoles before Halo did. One of my all time favourite games ever made due to its complex design and stealth and it masters everything with the only fault being the N64 hardware which is saying something since that was the most powerful system at the time even compared to the most powerful PCs. 

Now with the rumours of Joanna Dark that will be a TPS game, I actually like the direction of going TPS and if they can turn Perfect Dark into a Splinter Cell/MGS mixed with Tomb Raider than my hype will be though the roof. PD has so much potential and I am hoping they make this PD game a serious and dark story based off the N64 game and straying away from Zero. 

As a fan of the series, this is a dream game if they can nail it.


Last edited by Azzanation - on 28 April 2018