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TalonMan said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:
Wow what the hell happened?
Oh you guys changed the layout? Like something was wrong with the previous one?
In any case my first problem now is I don't see the VGC Buddy. Well I do see it now that I clicked on a thread but on the main home page it's gone so yeah what's the idea?

Read my second post...   ...the buddy is now the "3 person" icon in the header - click that and you can dock the buddy ANYWHERE!! :)

Ok I found it and moved it back to the left side of the home page cause I'm a creature of habits

If it stays there and I don't have to move it back there EVERY time I turn my computer back on then I guess It's fine.

But still, ever heard the expression "If it ain't broken, don't fix it"?  The previous version worked fine in my opinion. You speak of the new one being mobile friendly? I see. It's people coming here on their phone that I must blame for this. Guys can't you surf the net on a damn computer like any normal person? Kids nowadays, they can't even wait to get home to surf the web, it must be right here right now on their phone.

Oh boy I think I'm getting old.