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quickrick said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

You might get surprised soon enough

In fact, saying not near PS4 sales when it did around 15M for the last fiscal year, which is near PS4 sales of the time (2014-2015) is pretty self defeating.

PS4 in 13.5 months sold through 18.5 million, switch in 13 months is probably at 15.5 million sold through.

VGC should be pretty much on track here, maybe even slightly undertracked. In this time period, there are generally around 1-1.5 Million unsold consoles on shelves and transit, not 2.3 as you are projecting. Like I said, VGC is trailing by 1.6M, and while that is a bit high for the season, it could still be considered very good tracking.