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John2290 said:
Errorist76 said:

How can’t you recommend pCARS2 for offline content? It’s buggy, unfinished and has a much worse single player campaign than GT Sport.

It’s also much worse to play without a wheel.

Not  Project CARS 2. I suggested the original Project CARS with a wheel, after the patches it easily became the best single player sim racer on console with one hell of a choice based and rewarding career mode, start anywhere you set the goals or stick to the predetermined path and there is no limits, having the full dlc pack and all the free cars is the cherry on top of a fine racer. Even the second game could not eclipse the first, more cars yeah, more tracks, better graphics it all didn't add up to the amazing sim racing sandbox that was Project CARS. You must not have given ProCARS a chance, it's single player is as awesome as you, yourself make it. I'm on trophy away from the Platinum and at well near 200 hours in single player and half that again online I can say it's the best racing experience the the 8th gen has to offer for sim racers. Maybe ProCARS 2 opens up but the updated physics engine just didn't vibe with my wheel and I'd rather have had them leave it an open sandbox like the first and not lock content away for progressions sake, and that campaign looked nowhere as good as the firsts calander system. 

If I misunderstood and you are asking why I would suggest ProCARS over GT sport then the answer is fairly simple. It's always online, the racers online are assholes most of the time and your driver level can drop because of others mistakes, even in lobbies they just wait for you pop in and put the car in autopilot to earn money. The tacked on single player mode is akin to something from the PS1. The game just isn't designed with single player in mind and that's a shame, since the OP mentioned GT3 (my favourite GT) I'd assume he'd feel the same way as me and if he has a wheel then ProCARS will suit him much better than anything else I can think of on ps4 right now. GT sport is a let down on all fronts, don't get me wrong though, I think the game is good but it's just that good. I'm not into sitting in a menu for anywhere up to 15 minutes to get into the real racing experience of Sport mode and that is the biggest complaint I have. 

The only other game I can recommend it Dirt Rally but I haven't had much time on with the DS4 instead of the wheel, so I can't be sure it'd hold up. Possibly dirt 4 as that works really well with the controller but the game is kinda shoddy imo.

What would you suggest to the OP?

pCARS's physics alone will make me never tough this game again, and I'm one of the original backers..but to each their own.

Imho GT Sport is far superior to pCARS and pCARS2 is superior to pCARS1, especially physics wise.


I already suggested him to get the GT Sport. It's the best and most fun racing game (next to Wipeout VR and Dirt Rally) I've played in a long time.

Last edited by Errorist76 - on 26 April 2018