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AlfredoTurkey said:

I'm currently playing through GT3 again on my PS2 and enjoying the hell out of it and was wondering how GT Sport compares. For those of you who own it and play it a lot, would someone who likes the older GT titles get enjoyment out of it? How does it compare to the old games? Will I be disappointed with lack of offline content? I don't have PS Plus, so playing online isn't an option. 

Imho GT Sport is the best GT game since GT4. It’s much more realistic than GT5, more fun than GT6 and incredibly beautiful. The A.I. Is much better too. They’ve patched in a second, traditional campaign so the game has easily 40 hours of offline content, if not more. They also keep continuously updating it since release, so more tracks, weather etc. will come. The game already has more cars than it needs.

Game is a joy to play without a wheel. Well worth the 30-40 bucks it costs atm.

You will need PS+ though. Get’s really worth it, even if you don’t play online...which you should.

Last edited by Errorist76 - on 26 April 2018