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OTBWY said:

Very good numbers. The Switch will overtake the GC soon enough. As for the software, they will keep growing but very good numbers already. BotW will be the most successful Zelda title, MO will probably go over 15m this year. I also am really happy with Xenoblade 2's numbers. Highest selling Xenoblade title and it shows that the franchise is growing.

Looks to be a long journey to the top of that cliff.

I found this in the comments of one of the articles:

Nintendo 3DS vs Switch hardware shipments / LTD sales comparison:

3DS Q1 2011: 3.61 million / 3.61 million (Feb/Mar launch)
3DS Q2 2011: 0.71 million / 4.32 million 
3DS Q3 2011: 2.36 million / 6.68 million (price cut in August)
3DS Q4 2011: 8.35 million / 15.03 million 
3DS Q1 2012: 2.10 million / 17.13 million

Switch Q1 2017: 2.74 million / 2.74 million (March launch)
Switch Q2 2017: 1.96 million / 4.70 million 
Switch Q3 2017: 2.93 million / 7.63 million
Switch Q4 2017: 7.24 million / 14.86 million
Switch Q1 2018: 2.93 million / 17.73 million

I was wondering how the Switch did in comparison to the 3DS. Sweet! It managed to surpass it and have a stronger first fiscal year! Seeing as how the Switch is outselling it weekly (weeks aligned) and is still priced at its launch point of $300, these are some encouraging signs as to how high the Switch's ceiling is.