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d21lewis said:
Manlytears said:

1 - are you talking about refunds? Cause you can do this on playstation easy, just make a call.

2 - alson can do this on playstation, whit psplus.

3 - talking about pro-controller? If yes, than i have to agree, that thing is expensive, but sure is another level, but... about the normal controller, it's a metter of opinion, but i find the DS4 miles better than the x1 standard controller...

4 - for real... do you have a ps4? Mine is quiet, just can't hear any sound while i'm playing.

5- $100 more expensive...

6- do you have some data? Something from the last 2 years? I see lots of people saying live is better, but is see no data.

Getting a refund for Star Wars Battlefront because I wanted to buy the Digital Deluxe Version instead of the regular version was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The lady actually said that "I've done this too many times already". I had never gotten a refund before and was trying to buy THE MORE EXPENSIVE VERSION.


It wasn't until I asked her to tell me when I'd ever gotten a refund before and she saw that I spent thousands on digital games that she authorized the refund. I hadn't even downloaded the game or played a single second of it.


Meanwhile, on Xbox One I had bought PUBG and realized that, after several matches, it totally sucked. I just clicked "refund" and my money was returned.


I actually haven't read the rest of your post but the easy refund thing is totally false!



2: I have multiple PS4s and Xbox Ones. I've said it repeatedly on this site but, on Xbox, playing a game is like watching a YouTube or Netflix movie. You can play a level, turn off the system (or even leave it on). Go to another console later on and jump in right where you left off in seconds. For FREE! 


I have two PS4s. Even when I had PS+, only the primary PS4 would automatically update to the cloud. It would only do it once per day. Other than that, you have to manually upload your save and then manually download the save on a second console. It's really cumbersome. You can copy your save data to a USB device, though.


4. I have a PS4 Pro and a regular PS4. Playing God of War on the Pro last night, it would sound like a jet engine! It would stop after a while but it would start again. Maybe every fifteen minutes.

1 - realy? I'm sorry for you, but i never got any problems. Got several refunds here in brazil, never got a problem. Edit. > the money comes back to my banks account, takes several days, 15 days perhaps, but i get real money back.

2 - you have a point, but... imho, thos realy is such a small thing. If this is a big deal for you than sure, nice extra, but otherwise.

3 - clean your cooler. Opening a ps4 is easy, unlike xbox. Look at a youtube video. My ps4 is quiet as #$#@, no problems whit sound here.

Last edited by Manlytears - on 23 April 2018

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