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TalonMan said:
VAMatt said:

I don't think they make money off of GCU directly.  I think the idea is that by getting you into their stores or onto their website often, you'll buy other things.  After all, your new game would look better on a new TV.  

LOL!!! Yeah, but how many people REALLY go into their store??? I know I haven't been in one (except for that one time I didn't want to wait for shipping, and decided to pick up the game) - what about you?

I tend to think the VAST majority of club members are shopping online - and I know if I ever need a new TV to go with my games, I would NEVER make a rash decision and purchase one on the spot, without at least doing a bit of research (especially on PRICE)... at least as far as I'm concerned - they are losing a shit-ton of money with me! Ha! Ha! Ha??? :(

I made back that $35 club price on my very first order, and have purchased close to 50 games from them (and not a single other "non game" item) - there's no way on any Earth, they aren't LOSING money with my being a "loyal shopper"...

 yeah, I'm sure they are losing money on you. But, in my case, I purchased every one of my games in their store. I live right next to one.  I certainly don't buy expensive items like TVs on the spot. But, I've spent a lot of time in their stores since joining Gamers Club.  That is a lot of time spent admiringTVs,  computers, appliances, and everything else they sell. I have purchased a TV, home theater stuff, and some other less significant items from them over the  two and a half years that I've been a member of Gamers Club.   It's impossible for me to say exactly how much influence my frequent trips to Best Buy have had on my purchasing behavior, but I bet it's a lot more than zero.