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d21lewis said:
Nymeria said:

Black Panther did ~640 million internationally, that is better than Hulk (128), Captain America (193), Ant Man (339), Thor (268), Thor 2 (468), Doctor Strange (445), Captain America 2 (454), Iron Man (266), Iron Man 2 (311), Thor 3 (538), Spider-Man (545), Guardians (440), and Guardians 2 (473)

The only MCU films Black panther didn't beat Internationally were Iron Man 3, Civil War, and the Avengers 1 & 2. Three of those are massive team up movies.

I don't see how you can look at those numbers and state people outside the US hurt its success due to a dominant black cast.  People everywhere saw it in droves, it's just in the US it was staggering in success behind only Avatar and Star Wars Force Awakens in gross revenue.  That's truly mind boggling numbers.

It's a real thing. In China, Look at the international poster for 12 Years a Slave (90% Brad Pitt), The Force Awakens (I think Finn was totally removed) or even Black Panther. In some countries, Black people just aren't marketable. 

If Black Panther isn't marketable then I don't understand how it made so much money in this places that don't like movies with black people.

China (in millions)
Black Panther: 105
Hulk : 8
Ant Man: 105
Thor 2: 55
Doctor Strange: 109
Captain America 2: 115
Iron Man 2: 7
Thor 3: 112
Guardians: 86
Spider-Man: 116
Guardians 2: 100
Civil War: 180
Iron Man 3: 120
Avengers 2: 240
Avengers: 86

The trends I see here are
1. The movie grosses in China have grown significantly from Hulk (8) and Iron Man 2 (7) to today
2. Average Marvel solo film now grosses 100-120 million, Black Panther is close to other recent films like Thor 3, Spider-Man, or Doctor Strange
3. They love the big team up films like Civil War and Avengers