Which is going to make more money? Worldwide and Domestic?


It seems pretty obvious that Avengers is going to be the bigger money maker. It's pretty much what the entire MCU has been building up to. Not only that, Black Panther is in the movie, too!


At the same time, Black Panther kinda surprised a lot of people. It had the advantage of being an "event" for African Americans as well as just being a good movie all around. Repeat viewings had pushed it to be the the number 3 movie of all time (not adjusted for inflation) domestically.


So, when the smoke clears, which movie will be the bigger money maker? Black Panther has its money RIGHT NOW. Avengers still has to prove itself and it has to compete with a lot of summer blockbusters whereas Black Panther had relatively little to take away from its success.

So... Place your bets!

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