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Angelus said:
forest-spirit said:

Those updates better be more fleshed out than they sound like if they want the game to still be alive come fall.

New enemy type. As in, a single new enemy type? Even if that includes multiple enemies of that type it's not enough. People are complaining about a lack of content and they're solving that by introducing a new enemy type? The team should, quite frankly, be in panic mode by now and try to get as much new stuff into the next update as possible. For starters they could include Zombie pirates with poisonous attacks to bring some diversity to the skeleton fights. It's not much but at the same time it wouldn't require a whole lot of effort. Out at sea there could be packs of killer seagulls or squids. Enemy ship encounters is also a no-brainer and these could include zombie ships, demon ships and of course ghost ships. For ghost ships there could be some required items to actually be able to engage them (like the map in Wind Waker). There could also be whole ghost islands to find and explore.

New ship types should be introduced like now, along with more options for sails, cannons, cannonballs etc. and new mechanics that makes use of them.


I'm not playing Sea of Thieves so perhaps I shouldn't bother talking about it but I was interested at one point and it's really frustrating to see a game that had a lot of potential get sunk because of pure laziness.

Consider how long Rare have been working on this game, and the kind of barebones state it released in. It would be foolish to think that those same guys (except it's probably really a smaller live team) could then turn around and fill the game with all the content it desperately needs in a much shorter time window. If all they managed in 3 years was a couple of ships, some skeletons, and half a Kraken.....what are they really gonna be able to do in a few more months?

I don't think this has much to do with laziness at all. I'd say Rare bit off more than they could chew. 

Yeah when I read the "new enemy type" I thought the same thing, as in... "surely they mean types, not singular" but then I would agree that in 3 years of development they managed to create a single AI which barely functions and can be pathed into area's for exploiting without any system such as "evading" like the mobs from WoW had 13-14 years ago when that game launched.

This might get content down the line in the same way No mans Sky did, but the first impressions are what makes or breaks a new IP and the first impressions of Sea of Thieves were so negative it would be very difficult to turn around gamers opinion on it down the line, especially when there are so many quality titles out this gen and coming out in the coming months, I'd be very shocked if this project manages to turn around into a success after the launch/review period it had.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?