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zorg1000 said:
quickrick said:

usually every holiday has the same type of big games. spider man, and RDR2, are something totally different. all rockstar has to do is make a commercial saying from the developers that brought you GTAV, and its over.    

I think you and others are giving Spider Man too much credit, its gonna be a big hit no doubt but a big system seller unlike anything we've seen before? Unlikely.


I dont recall GTAV causing PS3/360 to have a massive holiday or giving PS4/XBO a higher than normal holiday so not sure why a "from the makers of GTAV" tagline would sell systems.


Again, these games are going to be huge hits but every year has huge hits. Open-world action, online shooters and sports sims are the big titles every year, its no different this year.

ps3/360 successors were out that holiday, so obviously we weren't gonna see a massive boost. as for spider man i never said it was gonna be like nothing we have seen before, but it's not your typical big title that comes out every year.