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CGI-Quality said:
super_etecoon said:
How can this even be a serious question? We don't even know what the Holiday lineup will be, let alone the consumer response to that lineup. Most of these questions are typically just "which console are you the biggest fan of" but this one is nothing but that.

So I guess I'll just say...Nintendo. Haha...I've got nothing to go on but it still feels good to root for your team, right?

Eh, there's nothing wrong with speculating. No different than 'how much will 'x' game sell'. It's fun to look forward (especially since we're on a site that tracks numbers).

We're on a site that tracks numbers of products.  These are products that have been released.  We are also a site that speculates on numbers...for products that have been announced.  Holiday 2018 will certainly take place, but what products will be released in that time we have zero idea about.  We don't even know if Smash is a port or a new game.  We don't know if Pokemon will release or if there is an Animal Crossing game coming down the pike.  The only real way to answer this hypothetical is based on brand loyalty and general company momentum, not the products that will release.  And those products are what truly matter since we can all agree that games sell consoles. Fine, it makes for a valid thread, but not one for serious speculation.  And that's the point of my response. My answer is barely valid...I can't support it with any logic or evidence and I wouldn't award anyone a prize or plate of crow for being right or wrong.