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MasterThief said:

the system will eventually collapse tho probably not in our sight. people don't care enough right now as they should.

will depend on whether the government sides with people or corporations. people are like half slaves to companies right now 

If the Gov continues to be run by crooked politicians or individuals who run giant corps themselves, you can almost guarantee the system is doomed. Trump may actually be trying to fix the system, maybe, but all it takes is another CEO that is business to the bone, and politicians will seem like angels in comparison. We won't see it crash and burn if it does. As the third world grows and the entire world slowly becomes one, the system has more and more to conquer.

Let's hope Elon gets to Mars sooner than later and terraforms in into a sustainable and livable planet. It'll need to start as a gun loving civilization though, because when corporation Earth comes for it, well.