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MasterThief said:

Bayer is the company that produced Zyklon B to kill the jews. lol

I really hate that company 

yes I get your point, these kind of decisions are basically "i want to sell my stock while its worth a lot instead of waiting for slow dividends" it will only benefit the share holders and the higher ups

this will 100% not be good for employees. as companies mege, less employees are needed because some parts will completely combine like HR and what not 

CBS is also going to acquire Viacom. big snake eat small snake is the name of the game 

Ironic that Trump and Kushner are doing so much for Israel, and so a massive German company like Bayer buys a massive American one to control food?

If these corporations continually grow like they are, and have been, eventually it'll mean the people will lose even more of their "rights" without technically losing their "rights", due to market manipulated force, or the system will have to be changed by the people, the hard way. Really really hard by then.

It's sad but true. Everyone wants an easier system for everyone, and the "easier" it gets, the more we want to feed that system, but the problem is that the system has been seized by individuals who simply want to grow it into oblivion, which means more and more work, instead of actually making people's lives easier overall. And no, just because you have a smart phone doesn't mean your life is easier. The only reason you were aloud to have that smart phone, is to make you more productive. And by productive, they don't mean physical growth necessarily. Financial growth is just as good for them.