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globalisateur said: 

Ryng, why you put the Switch so high ? What did Switch have in march compared to in February ?

Compared to the others consoles Switch had a very weak boost for February, a 31% weekly sales increase for that month is super low. (you can also just look at PS4 who increased by 81% and XB1 who increased by 67%, in line with the usual february increase).
Usually, when that's happen, March weekly avg remain the same or even increase, and with March having one more week monthly results end up with a good boosts.

Also March looks a better month for Switch because February only had Bayonetta remastered while March has Kirby Star Allies and the Smash Bros direct.


That said, kinda doubt Switch will be that high (even though i believe most predictions are too low) , but i have a bet with Rick and untill the best isn't over i'll try to win it. (probabily realistic range is from 300K to 350K)