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axumblade said:
StarOcean said:

“Do not question my questionable decisions that led to only me having all control.” 

To be honest, before I stepped down, we both agreed about who should be promoted to take my place. CGI is a very active moderator and Ryuu is good at sniffing out alts. Both are very proactive in the mod chat and I felt they were great for the role. 

No disrespect for any of the other mods and they know I have nothing but love for them but it would be difficult to argue the commitment these two have shown to the mod team.

Again, it’d be fine to have them be regular head mods too. Giving them deputy position is dumb. Already had one of Dear Leader’s attack dogs try and get me when I questioned it a few weeks back. CGI is a great pick. One of the best mods the site has ever had. 

The rest are also fine. I agree

Moderated - Too Far, Star Ocean - Miguel.

Last edited by Miguel_Zorro - on 02 April 2018