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A few more to add. The rabbit hole goes even deeper.

When we first meet Neo, he wakes up at his computer to find he's been hacked and they message him saying "follow the white rabbit" and then "knock knock". There is then a knock at the door and it's a group who's come to pick up illegal software. They mention to Neo that he looks like crap and should get out and come with them to a club. Neo refuses, until a woman shifts her body, which reveals to Neo the white rabbit tattoo on her left shoulder. The female Warlock from the Destiny live action trailer also has a white rabbit logo on her left shoulder pad. Notice The Matrix woman has a gold neck piece, and the Warlock has a gold helmet.


The rabbit in Destiny is directly referred to as the Jade Rabbit, which is a gun in the game, and comes from Asian mythology. If you take into account how I pointed out in the above post, that Niobe from The Matrix matches up with this Warlock in a few ways, it's ironic that the actress who play's Niobe, is named Jada.

The Titan has a magic 8 ball hanging from his belt in the live action trailer. 8 signifies life, death, and resurrection, infinity, a never ending cycle, like how Guardians in Destiny fight, die and are constantly resurrected by their Ghost, to keep fighting. Just like how The Matrix is a never ending cycle of the "One" being born, fighting, then dying, and the system rebooting and starting all over again.

The 8 ball may also stand for prophecy and fortune telling. "The Stranger" in Destiny seems to know what your doing and how to direct you to move forward. The hope is to defeat "The Darkness" and reclaim the solar system and renew the golden age of man. In The Matrix, the Oracle is constantly consulted about how to move forward, and is the individual who predicted the coming of "The One" and the end to The Matrix, freeing all humans and allowing them to reclaim the real world.

“Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. I see death, and you are all that stands in his way”. -The Oracle

The Hunter in the Destiny live action trailer has a gun that's labelled "we come in peace", which signifies the want for peace eventually, yet the Guardians wage war, just like "The Darkness" against them, to claim victory. The kill mark tally on the gun, right next to the label shows hypocrisy, and the possibility that peace may never come because it can't be won fighting fire with fire, or that it simply all comes down to balance, constant life and death. Neo as well as the other humans want peace, yet fight for peace, and peace is what Neo offer's the Deus Ex Machina to do what he must to end the cycle and reboot The Matrix. What Neo finds out is that fighting fire with fire leads to the fight lasting forever and never ending, and that life and death is inevitable, like Agent Smith keeps telling him.

In the Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith gains the ability to be able to hack other programs and copy himself onto them, which leads to him having a massive army to fight Neo and the rest of the humans. In Destiny you come across Oryx, the Taken King, who is an enemy that can basically use "The Darkness" to steal the "weaker souls" I guess you could say, of other enemy races, allowing him to use them to fight the Guardians.