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A couple of years ago Telltale Games created "The Walking Dead", a 5-episode adventure game that made a lot of people praise the company. We laughed,  we cried, we loved it. The Walking Dead was the winner of a lot of GOTY awards.

Then, came more and more games. The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft Story Mode, Game of Thrones, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy...

But what do you think of Telltale Games right now? Do you still play their games? Do you think they "lost their touch" along the years? Do you think they need a new engine and more choices/consequences in their games? Should they abandon the episodic format and launch their games complete at launch? Did you never liked Telltale at all?

Tell me.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.