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contestgamer said:
Shadow1980 said:

Still relevant:


Dont blame gamers, blame reviewers. Back in the early 00's (late 90s) my unofficial cuttoff (for lack of MC) was about 80 based on eyeballing scores from various magazines. Back then reviewers were a lot tougher on games. Nowadays reviewers give high scores like candy and so my cutoff has been moved to 85.

So you never played games like Legend of Dragoon, Bloody Roar, Shinobi, Dino Crisis, Jade Cocoon, Rival Schools, Legend of Legaia, Parasite Eve 2, Tomb raider 3, Lunar Silvar Star story complete, Tenchu 2, Fable 3, Unreal Championship, Devil May Cry 2 or 3, Baten Kaitos, Knockout Kings 2001, Valkyrie Profile, Need for speed Underground, Motorstorm, Darksiders 1 & 2, Shenmue 2,  InFamous 2 or inFamous Second son, Tekken 6, TTT2, Midnight Club 3, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, Just Cause, Mirrors Edge, Saints Row Resident Evil Code Veronica, Lost Odyssey, Xenosaga series, Crackdown, Alan Wake, Def Jam 1 or 2,  Resident Evil 0, Luigis Mansion, Dead to Rights, Super Smash Bros 1 lots more games because they ALL fall below your meta criteria.....really?

Wow that is crazy my are really missing out on some great games then.

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