mZuzek said:
For the record, I also think ROB shouldn't be in the game.

Because he originated as a toy or because he's generally a character no one cares about? 

Shaqazooloo0 said:
Snoorlax said:


I have a problem with Rob too tbh, but he's at least a video game accessory and therefor mainly video game related. I draw the line at anime character's invading Smash. You might as well throw in that guy from Bleach and Naruto at that point and i'll be damned if i'm gonna let that happen.

Believe it!

While anything goes in Smash especially since Bandai Namco owns the videogame rights to many shonen manga's/anime.

I think Goku will be the exception.

spemanig said:
mZuzek said:
For the record, I also think ROB shouldn't be in the game.

Considering ROB's origins, I'm finding trouble understanding people's objections to his inclusion. While he wasn't conceived as a literal sprite inside a video game, I find it pretty difficult to argue that he isn't a video game character. The game Gyromite was called "Robot Gyro" in Japan, which is literally referencing ROB's integral role in that game. Stack up was called Robot Block. These were two NES launch games and he's literally on the box art for both. If Smash is a franchise celebrating the history of video games, and ROB is a character created exclusively for video games and integral to the origins of Nintendo as a major player in NA, it feels disingenuous to discount ROB as one. If ROB isn't a video game character, he really isn't a character of anything. I just find ROB's comparison to Goku here very silly.

tl;dr - Goku is not a video game character.

Right, so both characters aren't videogame characters. The difference is that Goku is still a highly popular contender and i think nobody ever asked for ROB to join back in the Brawl days (he wasn't even announced in the trailers because nobody would've cared) so if Smash is going to listen to it's fans and announce another groundbreaking character... The most appropriate character be Goku.

TL;DR - Goku for Smash.

Dravenet7 said:
I'm almost torn about this.

On one hand, I would not per se, mind if Goku actually came into the game and much more so, I reaaaaaally don't like trampling on people's wishes for choices. On the other hand (and this is the correct one) Goku is not a video game character, is a character created from something completely outside of video games. He should not be in Super Smash Bros.

I think Goku joining Smash would be a win win for everbody involved.

Shaqazooloo0 said:
I also have a problem with Goku being in Smash because its a silly meme. The day they add Goku to Smash might as well be the day they add Naruto, Reggie, Cory from Disney's Cory in the House, Shrek + Donkey and Etika's Nutsack Sandwitch because once you add one meme character the fanbase will start to realize anybody can get in and then we'll just have a mob of people begging for a bunch of joke characters instead of very minor few that just do it for lols or legit think they stand a chance while everybody else calls them crazy.

We kind of already have started seeing it with 3rd party characters. Now that people see that once thought impossible characters such as Cloud, Ryu and especially Bayonetta are in, people are clamoring for more 3rd party characters and are even more ridiculous than characters they wanted for Smash 4.

I see Goku as the harbinger for the memes to get through. Although he stands little chance of getting in due to not being a video game character, he is the most likely of the memes to get through.

He's not a silly meme fans are just waiting for the day that Goku rightfully gets his character slot in Smash.

Tsubasa said:
Now that I think about it, he would be the first character who did not originally came from a game, huh.
But I don't see why it even matters. And goku would be a relatively easy character to create in smash bros, too.
They picked much weirder characters before.

That's what i'm saying.