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There is no Goku argument - I'm being silly. Repeating the same thing over and over again and people like you not getting it is the butt of the joke. It's not meant to be taken seriously. It's a silly OT. Dragonball is a franchise which was adapted into video games, but its origins lie in manga so I don't think it belongs in a franchise celebrating video games and specifically its individuality from other media.

The butt of the joke is people who repeat themselves over and over in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And before you get confused again: that's you, and no amount of trollish antics like attempting to hide messages inside of posts will change that.


Being in one medium first over another does not automatically disqualify you from being associated with other mediums by your own logic. Goku appeared in a manga first, and like you said, has also appeared in anime and is considered an anime character. But the anime is an adaption of the manga, making your comments contradictory.


So which is it? Is Goku ONLY a manga character? Or is he manga and anime, but explicitly not video games? And under what pretense would he be disqualified as a video game character but not as an anime character? Because last I checked, Goku's video game debut was the same year as his anime debut.

Goku a game video not character is. That's which it is. He isn't an anime character either, but that isn't relevant as the entire identity of anime revolves around adapting manga. That's not true of games. That's why there is no anime all-star special every 5 years born of only original anime IP celebrating anime as an artistic medium separate from all others. He's a manga character, and this is me not hitting a punchline. Because I already did for this post. It was the first sentence. I know you know that. Me pointing that out is just extending the meta-joke that you don't get that this is all a joke. The more you try to make sound arguments against someone who is straight up telling you he isn't doing the same, which I shouldn't have to do because it's been obvious since my first post in the thread, the worse off you look. I know he isn't an anime character. I wasn't trying to make sound arguments. I was trying to hit a punch line. I was just saying more words. Like when I said "yeah, but you're forgetting that Goku isn't a video game character." Of course you didn't forget and of course I knew that. I was hitting a punchline. Or when I said "yeah, but he's had even more time not being a video game character." What does that even mean? How does someone compare hours played, which is flexible, to screen time, which is not? You can't. Video manga Super Bulma not is comic from Nippon person.

Someone can spend thousands of hours on the South Park games and claim there are more hours played on those than aired TV time. And what does it matter? The whole point of the Smash argument is that games have built their own valid medium on the backs of its own characters. The moment you include adaptations, Smash has no identity in games specifically. It's just a character action game, which is fine somewhere else, but not what Smash ever was. James Bond has important game adaptations that are iconic to games and so does Batman and Spider Man and many other franchises that started elsewhere. Those are all fine, but the point of Smash is that games, the underdog medium, grew in influence and prominence with characters and ideas that started in its own house. Smash celebrates that - that games didn't need adaptations like other mediums have to become prominent. Adding anime game Trunks no video supa saiya-jin to Smash in spite of that is as silly as adding Luke Skywalker - it undermines the whole point of the series. It's a ridiculous premise that I never seriously argued when I made that post, or any of the posts here until maybe 50% of this one. I wasn't attempting to hide messages. They were in bold so it would be in plain sight. That was the point. The bold words aren't even supposed to make sense. "Goku is not a video game franchise???" Of course not. He's a character, not a franchise. I'm being nonsensical, at this point only to match you nonsensically taking me seriously. You're talking about overwhelming evidence as though I'm sincerely trying to match your evidence with my jokes. I'm not. I was trying to deflate your fervor by not taking any of it seriously in response. The whole topic is silly and I'm making light of it. You keep taking that seriously against someone who clearly is not, so now I am making light of you.

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It has! He belongs to the manga medium, the anime medium, and the not a video game character medium!

How is he an anime character? He debuted in manga, so wouldn't that exclude him from being an anime character? And if not, that means he is a video game character too.

He is an anime character because he's not a video game character, but there's no evidence to support my claim, unfortunately. ;'-(

Well, this is new.