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flashfire926 said:
Errorist76 said:

I get the family sharing aspect. I mostly buy my PS4 games digital for the same reason. I still don’t understand why you’d care about how other people buy it. It doesn’t make any difference to you, does it?

I want GameStop, after seeing all the shit they pulled off on their employees, to die out.

Also, the only reason digital doesn't have more discounts and cheaper prices than physical is because the console makers/publisher don't want to piss off the physical stores, cause they might stop stocking your product, delivering a huge blow to your sales (a lot of European retailers stopped stocking X1 because of this)

Once the bubble pops, physical starts becoming obsolete, we will have steam-like prices in digital.

I’d really like to know how you come to that assumption. Why would it if there are no competing stores, like there are on PC? Wishful thinking  and unlikely imho.