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Nem said:

I cant get my head around this. If it's a sucess it's proof people will buy anything with the Nintendo logo in it.
It's cardboard. Why does it cost 70/80$? Why don't you buy a game instead? >.< This tires me.

You have a Fire Emblem character as your avatar.  I really can't understand the interest in that series, particularly as fighters in Smash. But I understand that many people like it, for reasons very personal and subjective to them. 

This isn't just cardboard, and to suggest so is insulting to people like myself and the many, many other people who are blown away by the concept. The fact that it is cardboard makes me love it even more, from an environmental standpoint.  If this were a bunch of plastic I'd be worrying about how much trash it would create (like the wiiwheels/addons for the wi).

There is really cool software for each of these items. There's even a Toy-Con garage that lets you create your own.

All I'm asking is that you attempt for a moment to not condescend other gamers and what they think of as fun.  It doesn't matter that it has a Nintendo logo on it or not.  It has nothing to do with my choice.  The idea is innovative and super exciting and I can't wait until 4-20!