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Nem said:

I cant get my head around this. If it's a sucess it's proof people will buy anything with the Nintendo logo in it.
It's cardboard. Why does it cost 70/80$? Why don't you buy a game instead? >.< This tires me.

It comes with software that helps you build it, as well as the software to run the toys/games. The cardboard isn't the game, it's the pack-in peripheral that will likely have really cheap aftermarket replacements. Nintendo has also said on multiple occasions that this isn't for you, it's for kids. As a parent, I couldn't be more excited to try these out with my daughter. I'm even considering buy both versions of the Splatoon 2 Joycons so my daughter can play it with her own Pink Joycons.


Honestly, Labo has been a really interesting experiment with the Nintendo fan base. It's fractured off a group of gamers who only care about normal Nintendo games, while children, parents, artistic types, engineering types, and total diehards are excited.

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