Barkley said:
Azzanation said:


A little research will one day help you Don.

Do sales matter? no, profit does.

Nice, but the $400m figure is sales revenue, not profit. A little research indeed.

But your entire point is mute because whether you're looking at it from a sales or profit perspective PlayStation is absolutely killing it.

$1.1 Billion Operating Profit for last fiscal year, and a forecast of $1.6 Billion for this fiscal year. You can try and downplay sales all you want but your tactic of shifting to profits will do absolutely nothing when PlayStation's profits are soaring.

That was my point, sales revenue, profit what ever we want to call it. Its all a good thing especially $400m.

So the entire PS brand profited $1.1b and Halo 5 alone did $400m revenue? That was probably a poor example.  

Point is a game can sell 2m units and earn less to a game that sold 1m. That's my point.