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Pavolink said:
pokoko said:

Because you can't.  You said something ignorant and now you can't back it up so you just keep spinning around and pretending.  Your first comment made no sense at all and you know it or else you'd be able to support it.  Try again.

Do you need more support than the replies you got in this thread? You are now even mad quoting me.

You embarassed yourself. No one else did that. You are the only one to blame.


And now, you are trying to save yourself from this mistake. I wasn't the one quoted. You were.

Mad?  No, I'm just making fun of you for making a childish comment and then being completely unable to back it up.  I seriously have no idea what you're even trying to say.  Do you know what you were trying to say?

"This comment backfired so hard that now sony threads are lala lands."

I mean, go ahead.  The floor is yours.