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d21lewis said:
You want more, you say? Okay.

-The heart shaped herb: In the comics, only a member of the Royal family can eat the herb. The movie doesn't say this and if it's not in the movie, it doesn't exist. So why didn't all of the sexy bald women have super powers when they went to confront Klaue (Klaw)?

-Super speed!: In Civil War, Black Panther ran down a goddam car or motorcycle or something. Why didn't he demonstrate his super speed to catch the escaping Klaue on either occasion? Did he forget he had it?

-Roughing it: Again, as advanced as Wakanda is, M'Baku (The Man Ape) chooses to live in the icy mountains and wear a loincloth? He doesn't like cable TV? Xbox?

-Magical Snow: Black Panther got thrown off of a waterfall and left for dead. M'Baku's plan to save him was to bury him in snow? I don't buy it. That guy was going to eat the Black Panther. Vegetarian, my ass! This medical miracle is right up there with the paralysis healing rope from The Dark Knight Rises.

- What's in that herb, anyway?: You drink it and you get to go to heaven or something. Talk to the dead, I guess. Whatever religion Wakanda has should be the dominant religion. Just bring that stuff to the United States and let Mike Pence have a sip. God is real and there's life after death!

1. If they could I know I would've eaten that shit.


2. He was shooting that arm gun at him right? 


3. Well we have the Amish. Although I'm not totally sure what they do or don't do just what I've heard. 


4. Yep. Or the fix-a-knee in Batman.


5. I think that the vibranium has something to do with the Soul Gem. It'd explain the real hallucinations lol