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1. I believe he was being groomed to be the Panther. He was there to protect his father.

2. There was a chance for anyone to step up to challenge him. Only 1 did. It's probably just accepted who the King is supposed to be. The ritual is just a crowning party.

3. I thought they just made shit up with all the vibranium powers. Totally overpowered and makes him at least the 3rd strongest Avenger possibly 2nd.

4. No, I don't think anyone could have that lip mark. It's why Klaue. Think that's how you spell it. Told him that no one gets into Wakanda. He spoke the language and knew their history a little as well. His dad was teaching him about Wakanda that whole time is what I was thinking.

5. He betrayed them for the same reasons baby Killmonger wanted to. Get this technology to help ppl who look like us. You're right though the King's brother should not have been there.

I had a problem with killing the brother and leaving the body for the child to see. Then they didn't even search the apartment. It was completely stupid