trent44 said:

 So, how do you all feel about games coming to 3DS and not also Nintendo Switch?

Is Nintendo leaving cross-generation money on the table by not at least contracting 3rd party developers to port more of these games to Nintendo Switch?

Should there be more effort to port older 3DS/DS games to Nintendo Switch, like has been done with Azure Strikers, The World Ends With You, Code of Princess, etc.?

Feel like Switch is missing out and it could be a strategic mistake by nintendo.
On the other hand, I dont have a switch, but do have a 3DS so...... happy that its getting support?


This does raise some questions though:

1) if we re getting "All" the Mario & Luigi on the 3DS, except for "Partners in time", why not just do that one too?
2) what other WiiU games can we get?  if DKC-R is possible, can DKC-TF work too? Xenoblade Chronicles X ?