8/10 - Was 6/10 before.....

Some cool surprises on both systems.

The 3DS still has life left, most of the new games we saw were ports.
But, I'm very much looking forward to the Luigi's Mansion remake! Hopefully with both games on the 3DS, this is a precursor for things to come....

As for the Switch,
There were a few surprises that I wasn't expecting like South Park and freaking Crash! I'm very much looking forward to those two games on the Switch!
Mario Tennis looked pretty good, but I'm still not likely to by it, at least not right away.
They got a little carried away, I felt with the ports, I mean 90% of the games the showed were nothing but ports.
I wasn't bothered too much by it, because I was sort of expecting that going in, but it was noticeable.
It was an average, decent Direct before.


Pancho A. Ovies

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